Origin Story

Ohana Cigars began in "year" with the support of my father, Frank Rodriguez after being involved in the industry since I was 22. It was my father who gave me that extra push with a question, "Why don't you start your own cigar company?", after a few years of being in retail and representing other cigar brands.


We made arrangements to visit several factories in Nicaragua. It was amazing to view the various smaller locations and their limited selection of tobacco. The next day we went to one of the largest factories in Nicaragua. I was blown away but became concerned about how I would be lost in importance and lack of care.



Finally I found Plasencia, who is the largest producer of tobacco in the world, with fields of tobacco in every region it can be grown. They were very hospitable and was a great fit for the first generation of Friends & Family and M13 lines.

New Beginnings

After a couple year, I decided to go smaller and wanted a more personable factory. I had a wonderful experience with them, but have now been working with Noel Rojas who has a very unique flavor profile and construction quality second to none. As of today, working with him has been a blessing and my core line "Pulse" and "Pulse Maduro" have received several great reviews including making top 25 cigars by Stogiepress in 2016.

The Future

These days we focus on the core line, as well as doing several smaller releases, or limited releases, including the anniversary cigar and a cigar done with Rahr brewery’s bourbon barrels used to make some of their barrel aged beers. Check on our Facebook or Instagram page to see what we have going on!


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