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Pulse Habano


Nicaraguan binder and filler, with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. All vitolas have pigtails and an unfinished foot. We beleive this adds an aesthetic touch, but also can come in handy if you don’t have your cutter, you can simply pull and slightly twist the pigtail and you will be ready to smoke! Reasoning behind the closed foot, is a chance to taste the wrapper of the cigar upon lighting, before tasting the blend.

Flavor Profile

There are several Nicaraguan tobaccos from different regions of Nicaragua. You will be able to taste the creaminess and complexity from these tobaccos. Flavors of cedar, nuttiness, and a slight sweetness and buttery-ness that comes and goes, makes this cigar truly give you a great smoking experience. The cigar is medium/ Full bodied, making it a cigar a novice should be able to smoke, all the way to the aficionado, you will not be disappointed.


Pulse Maduro


This cigar has an all Nicaraguan Binder and filler with a genuine San Andres Maduro wrapper, grown in the mountains of San Andres’ Mexico. Just the texture and appearance alone show you that these are not just San Andres seed grown in Nicaragua, or anywhere else. When you first smoke it, you will be able to tell the difference! The cigars ae all box pressed and also have a closed foot so that you can taste this thick rich wrapper before tasting the rest of this complex blend.

Flavor Profile

Just as the Habano Pulse, this cigar uses several different tobaccos from various regions of Nicaragua, with The San Andres’ maduro wrapper. Upon lighting there is some spice and some semi sweet chocolate from the richness of the wrapper. As you get into the blend, you will experience several flavors with hints of cedar, semi sweet chocolate, and some notes of leather and anise. The cigar is Medium bodied, just a little less full as the Habano Pulse, but still has enough strength to satisfy your cigar craving! The box press also allows for a little bit of a different smoking experience.

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